Five Kinds Of Beige Marble Commonly Used In Luxury Villas

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With the needs of life, more and more people pay attention to home decoration, and marble is widely used in home decoration, with multiple varieties and colors to choose from. However, because marble is a natural material, different regions will create a variety of natural marble varieties, and each variety has a different texture and color, and also has the same variety of different minerals. This article introduces five kinds of beige marble commonly used in luxury villas. Take you to appreciate the ingenious use of beige stone by different designers.

1. Magnolia marble

Magnolia marble is one of the most popular Beige plates in decoration. It comes from Turkey. ” The texture is as warm as jade and the color is warm and soft. These two characteristics make Magnolia wear “simple without losing noble temperament.” Matching with materials of any color, there is no sense of conflict. Magnolia has the temperament of mud without rot, high gloss, relatively uniform color of the board surface, and strong decorative effect. It is an excellent choice among decorative materials.

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Magnolia has been widely used in various places since mining. Different minerals are formed in different regions, and different grades of selling prices are formed to meet the procurement and application needs of different levels. More minerals can be selected, and each mineral has a variety of textures. Therefore, the mysterious veil of Magnolia marble can be profound.

There are many ore openings of Magnolia marble, mainly seem ore; Mine 8; ECE mine; Mine 4; Eg ore; Hazi mine;

Fat mine.

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Magnolia has a noble, elegant, simple, and atmospheric sense of decoration. It is one of the relatively popular Beige series decorations. It is widely used in hotels, villas, homes, offices, and other places, background walls, winter door covers, countertops, stairs, walls, columns, and so on.

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2. Louis XIII marble

The marble Louis XIII, who came from Turkey, is not unfamiliar to everyone and its name is well known. Louis XIII is very popular. It is one of the three rice yellow series. It has been widely used by mankind since mining, and gradually there are boards with different background colors and minerals. Each mineral can be subdivided into grades. The prices of different grades meet people’s procurement and application needs. Louis XIII has good overall toughness, not easy to collapse edges, relatively transparent board surface, and excellent decorative effect. It is an excellent material for decoration.

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But do you know Louis XIII? Where is it from? What kinds of mines are there? What are the characteristics of the board? How about the performance? How about the decoration effect? With the rapid development of the stone industry, the mining volume has also increased, and there are many kinds of marble minerals. Louis XIII is like this, including new and old mines, CGM mines, Hazi mines, and so on.

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Turkey has abundant mineral resources. Many high-quality marbles come from Turkey. Different regions will create a variety of natural marble varieties, and each variety has a different texture and color and has the same variety of different minerals.

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3. Altman marble

Ottoman beige in Turkey is a classic and popular marble variety in home decoration. Its cream background, rare hardness, and luminosity, and high density are very popular with Aishi for its impeccable texture. Whether it’s the door cover, window cover, background wall, countertop, or the living room wall and floor in home decoration, it’s the best choice to choose Altman as the decorative material.

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In addition to the commonly used Wangcheng mine and Jiecheng mine, there are ECE mine,  cabana mine, shaka mine, Yujie mine, imperial mine, Bala mine, Laoxiao mine, etc. among them, Jiecheng mine has the most white and transparent background color, the least ice cracks, and the best material closest to the texture of jade, with the highest average selling price.

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Since its discovery and mining, Ottoman Beige has continuously developed more than ten minerals with different background colors, textures, and oil brightness. Each mineral is subdivided into various grades to form a large-span real-time selling price, which can better meet the needs of multi-level consumer groups and has high-cost performance.

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4. Golden Leaf Beige

How much do you know about golden leaf Beige from Turkey? Golden Leaf beige is named after the irregular pattern with crystalline. It also has the characteristics of exquisite material and high-cost performance. It is an important supplement to the beige Series in the domestic market. Since its discovery and mining, it has been continuously accepted and applied by the public, and gradually produced several minerals with different background colors, textures, and oil brightness.

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Each mineral is subdivided into various grades to form a large-span real-time selling price, which can better meet the needs of multi-level consumer groups and has high-cost performance. In addition to the commonly used new and old mines, there are checks mine, time mine, ed mine, Alina old mine, etc. Each mineral has different selling prices due to its characteristics and board surface problems.

Gold leaf beige marble mine mouth, including Chex mine; Etima mine; Ed ore; Alina old mine; Old mine; New mines.

As beige marble with high-cost performance, golden leaf beige is also one of the common marbles in home decoration or engineering. It can be well controlled on the ground, wall, and parquet.

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5. Spanish Beige

The most famous marble – Spanish beige. It is produced in Alcott mountain, Pinoso Town, Alicante Province, Spain. The stones mined in the nearby area are sold under the same name, but the origin is elk mountain. There are about 20 mines mining this kind of stone here, and the mining volume is different every year.

As like as two peas, the Spanish beige is a very special beige marble. It is more difficult to classify different kinds of stones because of the different classification of Spanish beige. These classifications reflect the differences found in stone materials because no one is of the same color.

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Usually, people distinguish different types of Spanish beige marble by distinguishing between dark and light colors, because there are dark and light colors. Another criterion is the type of grain. Does this stone have grain or no grain? Are there sparse lines or dense lines? Of course, don’t forget that sparse and dense lines are also divided into dark and light tones.

Spanish Beige: there are old mine, SP mine, new mine, etc., and there are white background and yellow background. The grain is probably composed of the red line, yellow line, black print, rice grain, crystal root, lightning pattern, etc. SP mine is also called lightning Simi, with the lightning pattern, red root, rice grain, and crystal root, which are relatively brittle.

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Spanish beige marble is very popular and has been exported to more than 100 countries all over the world. Many important projects use this kind of stone, which is also very popular in small-scale decoration projects and small-scale use of houses. It has always won people’s favor with fine texture and elegant and atmospheric decoration effect.

Spanish beige is widely used in interior wall and floor decoration because of its good decorative performance, gorgeous color, rich color, and no radiation. Its unique Beige can be matched with any different color of stone and decorative style, which is one of the reasons why Spanish beige marble is very popular.

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Beige is a kind of urban color. It is elegant, atmospheric, and refreshing; It is pure, romantic, warm, and noble, but it is more warm and noble than white. Beige marble is also very common in the decoration of luxury houses and villas. It has conquered many owners and designers with its gentle and elegant characteristics. Among the natural stone varieties, the beige stone is more and more widely used in decoration design and has gradually become a favorite in the field of luxury house decoration design. Well, this article will be written here first. You are welcome to email me at, let’s explore the beauty of marble.

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