How To Fill The Gap Of Exterior Wall Stone With Glue?

With the continuous improvement of people’s requirements for the living environment, it is also common to decorate the outdoor wall with stone. Pointing and joint filling are required after the paving of exterior wall stone. What glue is used to fill the gap of exterior wall stone? This article will follow me to have a look.

1、 What glue is used for the gap of exterior wall stone

1. Stone joint sealant. According to the size and pattern of stone, select the corresponding size of the joint sealant. Generally speaking, the horizontal joint is 10mm and the vertical joint is 10mm. The joint filling needs to be bonded with the stone joint, and the joint filler with high adhesion can meet the needs of stone joint filling.

2. Specific requirements for gap filling of exterior wall stone. Before caulking, press the caulking agent into the tool and cut off the tip of the caulking agent to prevent the caulking agent from coming out. Stone crevices need to be cleaned first to remove oil stains, dust, gravel, and other materials, and clean ceramic tile crevices. The stone gaps with impurities are not easy to be filled and bonded, and bubbles and lose substances are easy to appear. When using a sealant for joint filling, it is necessary to fill the sealant. Before the sealant is cured, it can be repaired with gluing tools to achieve the beautiful effect we require.

3. Before caulking, to prevent polluting the stone, self-adhesive can be used to block along the edge of the gap. When filling joints, it must be completed in sections at one time, and the joint sealant shall be used when there are no bubbles and fractures in the stone joints. Caulking shall be completed after the initial setting to ensure a consistent appearance.

4. The self-adhesive tape can be torn off only after the glue injection molding and repair are completed. It needs to be cleaned in time. After gluing, the joint sealant itself is required to be 1mm to 1.5mm lower than the stone surface, and the thickness of gluing itself should not be less than 5mm.

2、 Repair method of exterior wall stone crack

1. Remove mortar or other sundries from the gap of the original stone. The crack depth is 3-5mm. If it is hemp, the width of the gap should be increased to about 10mm. If it is marble, clean the original joint.

2. Smash the stone close to the color and pattern of the stone crack with a small hammer. If it is hemp, its particle size should be similar to that of hemp. If it is monochrome stone, smash it into powder.

3. Take an appropriate amount of stone glue and crushed dolomite particles or powder, mix well, add an appropriate amount of drying agent, and then mix well. Apply the mixed mixture evenly on the crack opening. After coating, the crack opening should be slightly 0.5mm higher than the stone surface and dry later.

4. The corner polishing machine is equipped with sanding paper, grind the dry crack slightly, clean the water stains and stains on the wall or ground, and then install a cloth wheel with the corner polishing machine for polishing and wax polishing. After the luster appears, continue polishing until it is close to the luster of the original dolomite, then wipe a small amount of polishing wax with steel wool and polish manually until the luster is completely the same as that of the original dolomite. At this time, The crack is invisible.

5. If there is a pattern in the stone, the pattern is just at the crack. In addition to mixing the powder with glue, the toner shall be mixed into a color consistent with the pattern and embedded in the crack.

The gap of exterior wall stone is treated by gluing process, which can not only achieve the beautiful effect but also play a waterproof role, which has a very key impact on improving the service life of exterior wall stone. Therefore, the exterior wall stone should not only be operated in strict accordance with the installation process but also pay great attention to the gap treatment between stones. Well, this article will be written here first. You are welcome to email me at To Explore more stone gluing techniques.

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