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The porch originates from China. It is a unique term for the cultivation of Chinese Taoism. It was first derived from the Tao Te Ching: it is both mysterious and mysterious, and the door of many wonderful things. Although the porch is small in size, it is used frequently, which is the only way in and out of the house. The porch is the place that gives people the first impression and the “face” that reflects the host’s cultural temperament.

At the junction of indoor and outdoor, a porch is a buffer place, a concrete and microcosm, a prelude to music, a preface to prose, and a channel for wind, sunshine, and warmth. Using the stone porch, the sensory experience brought by guests entering the door is unmatched by other materials.

The concept of porch originates from China. In the past, the “shadow wall” (or photo wall) seen by Chinese houses is the predecessor of a porch in the modern home. Chinese traditional culture attaches importance to etiquette, pays attention to being implicit and introverted, and has a “Tibetan” spirit. Reflected in the residential culture, “shadow wall” is a vivid portrayal, which not only makes outsiders unable to directly see the activities of people in the house but also forms a transitional space in front of the door through the shadow wall, which not only guides the direction for visitors but also gives the host a sense of domain.

In the modern home, the porch is the first scenery to open the door. All the highlights in the room are hidden behind the porch. Before walking out of the porch, all short-term imagination may become a reality. At the junction of indoor and outdoor, a porch is a buffer place, a concrete and microcosm, a prelude to music, a preface to prose, and a channel for wind, sunshine, and warmth.

The function of the stone porch

The porch is an area at the entrance of the living room. Functionally, the porch is not only a buffer zone leading to the living room but also a “business card” of the host. Whether it is warm, dignified, implicit, or cheerful, it will leave a deep first impression on the guests.

1. From the perspective of privacy, keep the owner’s privacy

The porch is a visual barrier at the entrance to avoid a panoramic view of the whole room as soon as outsiders enter the door; At the same time, it is also a swing space for families to stay when they enter and leave the door. The establishment of the porch should fully consider the echo relationship with the overall space, so that the porch area and the reception area have a good combination and transition, and people should have enough activity space.

2. From the perspective of Feng Shui, opening the door to see red is also called opening the door to see red walls or decorations. When you enter the house, you will feel happy, giving people a gentle and uplifting spiritual feeling and a comfortable mood.

3. In terms of decoration, the porch is a bright spot for the whole home. It gives people a bright feeling when they enter the door. There is coordination from the ground to the ceiling. An end view can be designed at the front end of the door, plus the mosaic on the ground, the ceiling shape on the ceiling, and some decorative hanging paintings. The whole style design is presented in front of them.

4. In terms of storage, it is convenient to access and place items

Of course, what is indispensable in the porch is its storage function, such as changing shoes, putting umbrellas, placing small items, etc. to facilitate access, we always need the big wardrobe we need in our life.

The function of the porch is very powerful. It can be used as a place for simply receiving guests, receiving mail, changing clothes, shoes, and bags. It can also be set as a platform for small items such as bags and keys. Therefore, designing the porch is an important part of home decoration. Remember not to ignore it!

Application mode of stone porch wall

The walls of the porch are often close to people’s sight distance and need to be depicted. Look for a proper background wall to set off, which can highlight the elegant atmosphere of the host. The best design is not an only embellishment to express ideas and avoid stacking and repetition but also highlights the connotation and temperament.

1. Background of water jet mosaic porch

The collage effect created by the water jet is full of creativity. The transparent effect of jade adds a lot of points to the porch.

2. Background of the color carved porch

Colorful stones and three-dimensional relief patterns polished and assembled one by one are exquisite and unique.

3. Relief porch background

Exquisite relief patterns, each one implies auspiciousness. Carved from purely natural stone, it has distinct layers and extraordinary taste.

In the overall design of the room, the porch is the place that gives people the first impression, and the “face” reflects the owner’s cultural temperament. Therefore, if you have taste and pursuit for the quality of life, the porch must be well designed, and the stone materials must be reasonably matched with other materials, so the effect will be very good. Well, that’s all for this issue.

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