Explanation of Volakas Marble Knowledge

Volakas marble is produced in Greece, and Volakas is an imported white marble. The color of Volakas is white and quiet, with too many meanings and a pure texture. It is mainly used for high-end indoor decoration, components, countertops, washbasins, carving, etc. Due to its rich texture, it is deeply loved by consumers,

Volakas performance: compressive strength 140Mpa, bending resistance 18.1Mpa, density 2.76g/cm3, water absorption 0.28%; Layout characteristics: White background, many and deep flowers, purple-red flowers, average glossiness, difficult to glue and repair; Main advantages and disadvantages:

The Advantages of Volakas

1. Volakas has good processability, soundproofing, and thermal insulation, which can be deeply processed and applied, making it an excellent building decoration material.

2. Fine texture, high processing adaptability, low hardness, easy carving, suitable for use as carving materials and special-shaped materials.

3. The unique texture and unique landscape patterns have excellent decorative performance. In terms of pattern trends and texture, there are traces of prehistoric civilization deeply hidden. However, its overall shape can be described as “modern fashion”, highlighting a master-level design style, showcasing the characteristics of honor, elegance, and top-level products, which are deeply loved by many architects.

The Major Disadvantages of Volakas

1. Due to the relatively loose material of marble, the texture is relatively soft and the water absorption rate is relatively high.

2. There are many textures, so various phenomena such as pollution, warping, deformation, and loss of gloss are prone to occur during processing, transportation, installation, and use, which affects the decorative effect.

3. Volakas stone contains calcium oxide, which reacts with rainwater to form calcium carbide. As the volume of calcium carbide increases compared to calcium oxide, it damages the surface of the stone and produces cracks; The alkali contained in cement can corrode, causing the stone to lose its color and be damaged. Therefore, when applied to the ground, it is necessary to make it waterproof or brush the primer to have a sealing and alkali-resistant effect.

1) White stone is prone to contamination. Generally, when using it, anti-fouling agents are added to the back of Volakas.

2) Easy to deform, such as making curved plates, they should be installed as soon as possible after processing.

3) The color difference is large, and the pattern is too thick and dense or in flakes, which affects its utilization rate. Therefore, it is necessary to plan in advance to avoid unnecessary waste.

Daily maintenance:

Volakas marble belongs to the category of dolomite marble, which contains a lot of calcium and magnesium carbonate. Therefore, special chemical agents should be used in daily maintenance management to make Yashi white marble more transparent and clear. However, ordinary marble crystal agents cannot achieve the transparency, moisture, clarity, and high luminosity of Yashi white.

Non-professionals can easily make jazz white look completely different, either yellowing or blackening. The industry mainly chooses professional stone companies, and before the grinding process, it is important to do a thorough protection of the stone. Of course, this type of stone must also be thoroughly protected before laying, and the maintenance period of Volakas marble after laying should be more than 28 days before starting work such as seam filling and gluing.

Prevention first:

Because white stone is more prone to pollution than other stones, it is recommended to strengthen timely cleaning, dust removal, and daily maintenance of the stone surface during property maintenance, especially paying attention to the scattering of substances such as cola, alcohol stains, tea stains, carbonated drinks, toilet cleaners, 84 disinfectant, etc.

Maintenance points:

Do not use crystal powders and reagents with strong acidity. Instead, use reagents that can replace the internal magnesium oxide of the stone to enhance its transparency and anti-slip properties. Create a clear crystal glaze effect for stones like Volakas, and consider using glaze paste for maintenance treatment! The permeability of white stone is prone to contamination and penetration, so it is necessary to strengthen the waterproof, oil-proof, and anti-fouling work of this type of stone inlaying, grinding, maintenance, and use.

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