Explanation of the Knowledge of Magnolia Marble

Although the color of popular stones has changed due to the popularity of high-end gray nowadays, there is still a type of stone that is still active, which is the one we are going to explore together today – Magnolia. Speaking of Magnolia, I believe friends who make stones are no strangers. This high-quality beige marble is one of the most popular beige boards in decoration. This natural marble from Türkiye is as warm as jade, and its color is warm and soft. These two characteristics make Magnolia have a “simple yet noble temperament.”

Just like a magnolia, it is as beautiful and elegant as a fairy, emerging from the mud without staining. Its extremely high glossiness makes you feel like you are in Alice’s Wonderland, bringing you a vast space. Paired with materials of any color, it has no sense of conflict, making its decoration range very wide. Magnolia marble is one of the top-grade stones in marble, characterized by strong luster and high reflectivity, reaching over 80%. It has a uniform color, no color difference, no stone roots, and no impurities. Mainly used for buildings with high decorative requirements.

The mineral types of white magnolia marble are also relatively rich, with different regions forming different types of minerals and forming different levels of prices to meet different levels of demand and procurement applications. Each mineral type has multiple textures to choose from. Today, I have organized the mineral classification and introduction of white magnolia marble for everyone.

Sesemar ore:

The board is relatively white and has good oiliness. But there are many types of textures, which can be divided into chicken claw patterns, with rice grains, mesh patterns, ice cracks, and so on. There are many levels of sesemar ore, and the visual effects produced without texture decoration are different.

Mine No. 8:

The background color is relatively white, the color is uniform, and the texture is fragmented and uniform. High glossiness.

ECE mineral:

uniform in color, with a thick pattern, shaped like tofu, with a small amount of crystal thread, and good oiliness.

Eck mineral:

relatively less texture, with a small amount of white flower texture, uniform color, high glossiness of the board surface, and good oiliness. The background color is relatively white.

EG ore:

The surface texture of the board is uniform, with a small number of ice cracks. White background, good oiliness.

Hazi Mine:


The texture is relatively coarse and the pattern is large, presenting a white mesh pattern. Due to texture issues, the background color is relatively yellow. High glossiness and good oiliness.

Fat mineral:


uniform in color and texture, with a small number of ice cracks, a white background, and good oiliness.

The above are the most common minerals of Magnolia, with different minerals, textures, and prices, and a relatively large price range.

Magnolia is endowed with a noble, elegant, simple, warm, jade-like, and grand sense of decoration, so it is widely used as decorative materials for indoor walls, columns, floors, stair steps, and other places in hotels, memorial buildings, exhibition halls, theaters, shopping malls, libraries, airports, stations, and other large public buildings, as well as for stair railings, service desks, door faces, wainscots, windowsill plates, baseboard, etc, It is also very common in luxury villas and mansions.

Application of Commonly Used Parts of Magnolia Marble

Background walls have always been the focus of home decoration, and stone is a popular material among the many materials used for background walls. The texture of the stone can enhance the overall temperament of the home. The stone background wall decorated with white magnolia marble is warm and atmospheric, with a gentle and high-end feel. The stone surface is like jade, elegant and luxurious, which is also one of the reasons why white magnolia marble is popular.

Marble door jambs are very common in European-style home decor, using beautiful curved lines to decorate the space. The door openings have various shapes, such as circular, arched, and right-angle door openings, as well as some unique door openings.

The most commonly used one is beige marble, and magnolia can be said to be a good material for door jambs and openings. Coupled with carved patterns or simple lines, it can achieve beautiful effects.

Stone countertops can be said to be a must-have for every household, of course, natural marble-decorated countertops are luxurious and exquisite. The texture of Magnolia is top-notch, whether it’s for hand washing countertops, kitchen countertops, bay window countertops, etc.

Stone is one of the preferred materials for stairs, with stable physical properties, no deformation, high hardness, strong wear resistance, and meticulous organization. The texture and smoothness of white magnolia like jade can be said to be a good choice for stairs.

Stone Roman pillars seem to be an indispensable part of European decoration, with exquisite carvings, and stone textures, and each pillar representing luxury. And Magnolia has an elegant color and natural tone, and the stone pillars made from the crystal clear surface are even more refreshing and charming as if immersed in a luxurious palace, romantic and charming.

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