Explanation of the Knowledge of Ariston Marble

White is a symbol of purity, and the white series holds a significant position in natural marble varieties. No matter how the popular colors of stone change, white is always one of people’s favorite colors. Ariston marble originated from Greece and belongs to a high-end type of marble among white building materials. Its color is as white as jade, with delicate particles and a pure white color. It is inlaid with a pure gray color, with sparse patterns and natural textures. It is so charming that it is unimaginable. Just like the white clouds floating in the clear sky, people cannot resist temptation. Beautiful and elegant, but with a soft texture, it belongs to a delicate stone material. Because high-quality Ariston marble belongs to the whitest color among all stones.

Ariston marble attribute:

Originating in Greece, with twill and dotted flowers. Physical properties: Volume density: 2.63g/cm3, compressive resistance 130Mpa, bending resistance 11.12Mpa, water absorption 0.18%

In the market, large boards of around 1.6cm are generally sold, with an average height of around 1.6 to 1.8 meters and a length of around 2.8 meters. Therefore, designers should design reasonable sizes in material selection and design, otherwise, it not only causes a lot of resource waste but also significantly increases the processing cost.

During the processing, it is not allowed to be cut or stored together with other easily discolored stones, as it may cause pollution; After cutting according to the design size, it is necessary to air dry it in a timely manner, and then use a special protective agent for stone for six sided protection treatment. The protective agent should be evenly applied, and the stone should not seep into the inside after the protective air dry is applied.

The texture of Ariston marble is relatively soft, and it is easy to be damaged during transportation if the packaging is improper. Therefore, a certain thickness of foam must be padded in the long-distance transportation packaging box. Generally, a one-centimeter thickness of foam is enough, and the stones inside can not shake after packaging.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Ariston marble?


1. The color is white, the texture is beautiful, and the luster and texture are good. The rare patterns and elegant appearance belong to a delicate and precious type of stone.

2. Good rigidity, strong wear resistance, high compressive strength and good performance

3. Ariston marble has the characteristics of elegance, softness, and simplicity.

4. Not afraid of acid or alkali erosion, not rusty, does not require oil, is not easily adhered to dust, maintenance is convenient and simple and has a long service life.

5. No scratches will appear, and it is not hindered by constant temperature conditions, maintaining its original physical properties at room temperature.

6. Non-magnetized, able to move smoothly during measurement, unaffected by moisture factors.


1. The texture is relatively soft, and improper packaging can easily cause damage during transportation.

2. Due to the low water absorption and low density of Ariston marble, it is not easy to glue after damage.

3. Some varieties of elegant white marble with poor quality have large color differences, and their patterns are too thick and dense or in flakes, which affects their utilization efficiency.

4. The extraction rate of Ariston marble is low and the price is expensive.

Level classification

Ariston marble Special Grade: White background with evenly distributed fine lines and no defects. Ariston marble Level 1: White background with evenly distributed fine lines and few defects. Ariston marble Standard Level: No requirement for background color, with many defects.

In terms of spatial application, due to its hard and delicate texture, Ariston marble is suitable for modern styles. Due to its quiet, elegant, soft, and simple decoration style, it is deeply loved by modern young people. The modern and minimalist style reveals a low-key luxury beauty. There are only mines in Greece for Ariston marble, and because mining output is limited, the price of this kind of stone is generally high. After processing, the cost of high-quality Ariston marble has reached 2000 square meters before installation, or even higher. High-end hotels, villas, and other decoration designs that use elegant white decoration can better reflect the noble and elegant side.

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