Explanation of Natural Luxury Stones

In recent years, the stone industry, including designers and home decoration circles, has known the term ‘luxury stone’, and they also know that luxury stones are relatively beautiful, high-end, and noble. So what’s special about luxury stones? What kind of stone belongs to luxury stone? What are the varieties of luxury stones? Let’s talk about this article.

I What is luxury stone

Literally, luxury stones are luxurious stones. The majority of luxury stone varieties come from Brazil and Italy. Luxury stones have bright colors, unique textures, and high hardness, most of which belong to natural quartz stones. Due to its natural texture and color combination, it possesses special and precious attributes that can push the beauty of high-end spaces to the extreme, leading to high-end decoration. Therefore, it is also known as “stone luxury”.

Luxury stones are loved by people due to their rarity, unique natural patterns, and deep colors. In terms of application, it can make the space high-end and luxurious, fully showcasing the unique taste of the owner. The natural richness and diversity of luxury stones have created their multiple applications in interior design, adding new textures to the expression of space design and making the expression effect of space more artistic.

II The Characteristics of Luxury Stone

1. Natural rarity, low yield

The biggest characteristic that distinguishes luxury stone from other high-end stones is its rarity, which may have a large mining potential compared to ordinary high-end stones. But luxury stones are often found in small mines in remote areas, and they have to reach the size of building stones, which determines their scarce characteristics.

2. Unique texture uniqueness

Natural luxury stones have rich colors and ever-changing patterns, but each product is unique. The maximum presentation of its product grain depends on the precise grasp of the internal characteristics and grain direction of luxury stone raw materials by bone ash level stone masters, the precise grasp of cutting design and cutting angle by top designers, and even more, the exquisite craftsmanship of pure manual cutting by excellent stone craftsmen.

3. High value of precious and rare collections

Because luxury stones are products of nature, unlike ordinary high-end jade, they can be mass-produced. Its decorative art effect is also not replaceable by ordinary stones, so it has properties similar to luxury goods and has high collection value.

4. High hardness, high processing difficulty

Most of the luxury stones are natural quartz stones, with a hardness of over 7, and some have a hardness of 8-9 that is close to that of diamond 10. The difficulty of cutting is 3-4 times that of ordinary stone. Special strengthening of processing equipment is required, as well as the rich experience of the processing master and the reasonable planning and design of the board by the designer, in order to maximize its utilization.

III Varieties of luxury stones

There are many varieties of luxury stones in the stone market, but most of the ones we are familiar with come from countries such as Brazil and Italy. There are many varieties of luxury stones, and I will briefly introduce a few:

IV Application of Luxury Stone

Natural luxury stones are widely used in interior design, mainly concentrated in areas such as background walls, countertops, and tables. Due to the high price of luxury stones, most of them are used locally and on a small scale, playing a finishing touch role.

▲ Luxury stone background wall

▲ Sheshi Island Platform

▲ Luxury stone background wall

▲ Luxury stone floor paving

▲ Production of luxury stone bar counter

▲ Table making

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