How To Excavate The Diversity And Plasticity Of Stone Design?

In the current noisy era, taking life emotion as the starting point and integrating the design concept into natural aesthetics can often produce many wonderful ideas and directly arouse people’s resonance. In this regard, stone has incomparable advantages, and stone design is diverse and plastic.

1. Diversity and plasticity

Stone is the history of nature. The vast land, the stones of nature, such as the sand in the Yellow River, are generally immeasurable. All along, the natural texture, shape, color, and texture formed according to natural changes are good materials to convey emotion and interpret natural beauty.

Generally speaking, when you think of stone, it is easy to define it as monochromes such as gray, brown, white, and black, or terms such as mica, dolomite, granite, and marble. However, if you carefully observe the stone, you will find that it is always composed of countless elements. This characteristic makes the stone have a deep sense from the heart, More likely to produce a beautiful visual perception.

In China, stone culture has never only paid attention to physical expression, but also paid more attention to the “meaning” hidden under the form, and expressed the inner feelings through the external scene. It is also because of this that in the eyes of former scholars and celebrities, the stone seems to be a changing and infinite world so that they can cherish their feelings in the first stone, look proud and make reasonable things. When natural stone is used in home decoration design, remove the cold of natural stone, retain the natural and warm texture, and show the warmth, brightness, and high quality of the home.

From the perspective of modern aesthetics, the stone in people’s conventional cognition is always a hard, cold, barren, and desolate image. Therefore, keep the simplicity of the “stone” itself. At the same time, reshape the image of the stone to endow the stone with warm, comfortable, and gentle characters that are not possessed in conventional cognition, It can not only give people a stunning impression beyond the general concept, make people plain and broad in awakening, but also more in line with the characteristics of the current natural aesthetics.

2. Natural stone has some characteristics that can be used for design.

● Unevenness – stones are always irregular and asymmetric, which can create many shapes that are not rigid and full of surprises;

● Simplicity – it does not need too much decoration, but only needs to design the parts that need to be designed to give play to greater charm;

● Dry and high – based on the texture and texture, no matter what kind of stone, it is easy to give people a mature, stable, rigorous, and thought-provoking visual impression, making people meditate and quiet, not boastful and restless;

● Naturalness – stone is primitive, natural, and not artificial, which means that it often has implications and moral meaning. In terms of creative intention, it can point to deeper thinking and connotation.

In architectural decoration, in recent years, comfort and cultural sense are gradually becoming more and more important elements. To a large extent, the simple style of stone is just in line with the pursuit of modern people. Whether it is a fashionable and luxurious simple European style or an atmospheric and introverted new Chinese style, the stone is being used by more interior designers from the ground, wall, stairs to desktop and decoration.

From the generation of demand to the purchase of products to the final use of products or a product is no longer needed, there are different user experiences in the whole product life cycle. Consumers’ choice of design is actually exploring the possibility of future life, and the foothold is nothing more than hope to live better.

Therefore, a good design should fully consider the user experience of users and meet their needs. In addition to bringing them spiritual enjoyment, we should also meet the user needs of users. This requires that in stone design, in addition to the organic combination of traditional technology and design aesthetics, we should also carry forward the practicability.

The beauty of stone lies in excavation, and the excavation itself comes from the love of stone. I believe that with the continuous innovation of technology, the diversity and plasticity of stone design will be promoted to a new level. Let’s wait and see. Well, this article is written here. I look forward to your email at, let’s explore the possibility of more stones.

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