What details should we pay attention to when applying stone in the bathroom?

If the living room is the embodiment of the master’s taste, the kitchen is the extension of the wife’s elegance, and the bedroom is the embodiment of the personal character, then the bathroom is the highlight of the exquisite life of the whole family. While paying attention to functionality, we pursue the ultimate visual effect, enjoy the beauty in the senses, and be more elegant in taste and thought. Stone elements must be added.

Adding stone in the bathroom not only looks simple and generous and full of temperament but also makes the space design full of fashion. The marble with rich colors and various textures can also bring different feelings to the bathroom and bring the ultimate quality home space. Of course, some details still need to be paid attention to when decorating the stone bathroom. After all, details determine success or failure. Then let’s talk about these things

No1: Stone toilet node optimization

1、 Original node of toilet threshold stone and door pocket closing:

Problem: it is not taken into account that the floor of the toilet is 20mm lower than the small aisle. In this way, the lower opening of the door pocket line is suspended, which is not beautiful.

Recommended practice: the stone threshold stone shall be made wide, and both sides shall be thrown 15mm higher than the wood decorative door sleeve line so that the door sleeve can stand on the threshold stone to effectively avoid moisture on the door sleeve line and be beautiful.

2、 Original node of toilet threshold:

Problem: the accumulated water between the toilet floor tile and the structural layer may leak into the room along with the threshold stone.

Optimized threshold stone node: 30mm high concrete guide beam is added below the stone threshold stone, and roll brush waterproof to prevent water leakage from the toilet to the small aisle.

3、 Original node of water stop sill of shower room

Problem: the accumulated water between the floor tile and the structural layer in the shower room may leak to the semi-dry area along with the water stop.

Water stop sill node of optimized shower room:

(1) Add a 50 mm high mixed soil beam under the stone water stop sill, and brush waterproof paint to prevent water in the shower room from leaking out from the ceramic tile bonding layer.

(2) It is suggested that the ceramic tile finish in the shower room should be changed to stone to improve the comfort, and at the same time, avoid sticking the seam and blackening in water for a long time, which will affect the decorative effect.

NO2: analysis of three key points of toilet decoration

1、 Waterproof

How should the toilet be waterproof?

1. The sunken toilet is to clean the base course first to ensure that the ground is dry and flat.

2. One coat of waterproof paint shall be applied at the pipe wall, wall foot, and internal and external corners.

3. Then backfill with carbon slag or ceramic.

4. Then slope and level the backfill layer with cement mortar.

5. Finally, make coiled material waterproof or coating on the leveling layer. Height requirements of toilet: the floor is fully built, and the wall is 1.8m high.

6. After the completion of waterproof construction, all sewers in the toilet shall be blocked and a water injection test shall be carried out. Check after 24 hours. If there is no leakage on the wall and ground around the toilet, it indicates that the waterproof quality of the toilet is very good.

7. Finally, paste wall and floor tiles and point joints.

2、 Dry wet separation

Many families will consider the design of dry and wet separation in the toilet, but to achieve dry and wet separation, the area of the toilet should not be less than 5.4 m2. To achieve dry and wet separation, they also want to be beautiful.

If the toilet area is large enough, the “three separations” can be considered, that is, the face washing cabinet area, toilet area, and shower area are separated independently. The designer of “three separations” needs a toilet area of more than 6.2 m2.

3、 Reasonable function

Functional area distribution of toilet:

Wash your face, brush your teeth, wash your hands, make-up, remove makeup and protect your skin

The face washing area is generally around the face and mouth. All kinds of toothpaste and toothbrush, facial cleansers and skincare products, shower gel, razors, and spare towels of the family need to occupy a lot of space. If the toilet space is relatively large, a separate storage cabinet can be designed.

If the bathroom is relatively small, you can choose a wash cabinet with enough storage space. You can reserve a mobile phone charging socket and bracket near the washstand so that you can still answer the phone or listen to music when you wash your face in the morning.

Toilet area

The socket in the toilet area must be reserved in advance to facilitate the possibility of installing the intelligent toilet in the later stage. It is not recommended to design a wall-mounted toilet. Although the wall-mounted toilet is hung on the wall, it feels to save space, but the cost is very expensive, and it is not easy to install the toilet ring in the later stage.

Shower area

If you don’t want to make a regular shower room and want to realize the separation of dry and wet, the most convenient way is to install a shower curtain. The shower area must be equipped with water retaining strips

Hang dirty clothes and dry towels

Especially in winter, you have to take off under the wind warm Yuba every time you take a bath, but you don’t know where to put the pile of clothes you just took off. This time reflects the importance of the basket position for dirty clothes.

The bathroom is where we “patronize” every day. Handling some small details is very important for our good mood of the day, so you who love life must understand the handling of these details. Well, I’ll write here today. The relevant articles will be updated later. You are welcome to pay attention.

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