How to design a straight grain texture of stone?

All stones have textures, such as straight lines, twills, random lines, reticulated lines, and mottled lines. It is precise because of the characteristics of stone texture that the beauty of rich diversity of stones has been created and beautiful buildings have been built. The texture of straight grain stone can not only create a beautiful decorative effect but also use the characteristics of straight grain texture to create a space decorative effect of “high, large, wide and infinite”.

Recently, I saw several buildings decorated with straight grain texture and felt the magical visual effect created by the straight grain texture of stone. It can be used not only along the height direction of the building but also along the length and width direction of the building. The visual effects created by different use directions are very different, giving people different enjoyment of artistic beauty. In this article, we analyze the related problems of straight grain stone through the application parts of straight grainstone.

1. The texture of stone columns is smooth and high

The straight grain texture can show the “high” characteristics of the columns of the building, and make the “high” image of the building incisively and vividly.

2. Straight lines of stone columns straighten out the arc length

The straight-line straightening arc length of the column plays an opposite role to the straight line straightening height in the architectural space. It shows the thick, stable, and solid image of the column. Straightening out the arc length through straight lines shows the thick, stable, and solid image of the column, lifting the ceiling of the building, which gives people a sense of security and steadiness.

3. The texture of the wall is smooth and high

In the narrow space, the straight grain texture of stone can highlight the height of the space along the height direction, especially in the low height space such as shower room and toilet. It can also create a high sense of space and give the stone dynamic, such as the Dragon swimming in the water. The decorative effect is the very artistic conception and flavor.

4. The texture of the wall is long

The straight grain texture is longer, creating a wider and more open feeling. Many projects use the straight grain texture to move along the wall, making the narrow space feel spacious and open.

5. The texture of the ground is long

It meanders forward along with the structure of architectural space, giving people the feeling of an infinite length of architectural space. It should be pointed out that some straight grain textures will be a little curved, which will create an effect of winding rivers flowing continuously, which is very poetic.

6. The texture of the ground is smooth and wide

The straight grain texture is decorated along the width of the architectural space. The effect produced by this decoration method gives people the feeling of wider space.

7. Background wall texture length

The straight grain texture of the stone is decorated along the wall to expand the sense of the breadth of the architectural space. The straight grain texture makes people feel that the brand seems to be very long.

8. Background wall texture height

The use of straight grain texture gives people a straight and upward momentum, which is both noble and majestic.

Presentation of straight grainstone

1. Tracing the effect

It can also be understood as the effect along the grain. The two plates connected are cut forward and backward according to the same grain, and then typesetting is carried out. In this way, the field of vision will be wider along the grain.

2. Horizontal and vertical crossing effect

When cutting plates, one plate shall be cut horizontally and one plate shall be cut vertically, and then it shall be arranged horizontally and vertically during installation

3. Diamond effect

After cutting the plate according to a certain size, the diamond layout and installation will be carried out. The requirements for angle and size will be relatively strict. It can be combined with the actual size of the large plate according to the design effect.

4. Natural and smooth effect

Cutting according to the large board texture without considering the process techniques such as chasing lines, the overall effect may not be so straight, but it has another flavor.

Straight grain stone itself has a special beauty. It looks very solemn and upright. If you like these stones, you are welcome to pay attention to my email sales@sntstone。

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