Culture Stone Can Also Be A Good Display Of Natural Stone Style

“Culture stone” is also the visual focus of the decoration industry in recent years. With the shape and texture of natural stone, cultural stone presents the natural style of stone, in other words, the culture of stone is a natural stone product, its most attractive feature is that the color and color lines can maintain the natural style of the original stone, coupled with the change of color and color, can be the connotation of the texture of stone and artistic display. Extend it to indoor use, reflect beautiful and practical interaction, increase indoor atmosphere. Culture stone is used for indoor and outdoor, size is less than 400x400mm, rough surface of natural or artificial stone.

Its size is less than 400x400mm, rough surface “is its two most important features. The cultural stone has a rough texture, natural form, it can be said that the cultural stone is a reflection of people’s return to nature, return to simplicity in interior decoration. We can also understand this mentality as a kind of living culture.

1. Natural culture stone

Natural culture stone is mined in nature of stone deposits, SLATE, sandstone, quartz stone, after processing, become decorative building materials. Natural cultural stone is hard in quality, bright in color, rich in texture, and different in style. It has the advantages of pressure resistance, wear resistance, fire resistance, cold resistance, corrosion resistance, and low water absorption rate.

2. Artificial culture stone

Artificial culture stone is made of silicon calcium, gypsum, and other materials refined. It imitates the appearance texture of natural stone material, has the quality of material light, color is rich, not mildew, not combustible, easy to install the characteristic such as.

3. Comparison of natural culture stone and artificial culture stone

Natural culture stone is the most important characteristic of durability, not afraid of dirty, unlimited scrub. But the decorative effect is limited by the original texture of the stone, in addition to the square stone, another construction is more difficult, especially when stitching. The advantage of artificial culture stone is that it can create color by itself, even if the color does not like when it is bought back, it can also be reprocessed with the paint of a kind of latex paint.

In addition, artificial culture stone most of the box, which has been allocated to a good proportion of different blocks, more convenient installation. But artificial culture stone is afraid of dirty, not easy to clean, and some culture stone is affected by the level of manufacturers, the number of molds, the style is very false.

4. culture stone installation

Installation culture stone has different installation methods. Natural culture stone can be directly in the wall construction, the first wall hair, and then wet with cement paste can be. Artificial cultural stone in addition to the natural stone method, but also can use the method of adhesive. Make a base of 9-centimeter or 12-centimeter plates, then glue directly with glass glue.

5. Other precautions

01, the culture stone is not suitable for large area use indoors

Generally speaking, the wall area is not suitable for more than one-third of the space of the wall. And then the face of the cultural stone wall should not appear many times in the bedroom.

02, culture stone installed outdoors

Try not to choose sandstone stone, because this kind of stone is easy to seepage. Even if the surface has been waterproof treatment, it is also susceptible to the weathering of the waterproof layer.

03, the indoor installation of cultural stone can be selected close to the color or complementary color, but should not use cold and warm contrast to emphasize the color. Culture stone and other decorative materials, according to the need and application, do not unilaterally pursue the trend and use, also do not go against the trend and abandon it.

6. The classification of natural culture stone

1, Slate culture stone

The natural version of the rock has a special lamellar plate, its grain surface is clear and picturesque, the texture is exquisite, the bearing is extraordinary and free from vulgarity, and the house decorated with this kind of culture stone will have a feeling of returning to nature.

2, sandstone culture stone

The surface and texture of the sandstone have a primitive flavor, like the undulating dunes of the desert, like the gentle beach of the sea. It is a perfect combination of overall harmony and detail change. Sandstone color is clear, white as snow and ice, yellow as fine sand, red sheng magma, decoration out of the effect of solemn, elegant.

3, Tileboard culture stone

Natural shingles are slatted slabs, only a few millimeters thick, thin and tough. Make the tile board of a variety of specifications the arrangement with the changeable form of superposition, can make roofing more rich stereo feeling. The combination of various colors can make the building more vitality.

4, rust plate culture stone

Rust plate culture stone is divided into powder rust, rust, jade rust, purple rust, etc., colorful, changeable pattern is the unique rust plate culture stone. The rust board has the affinity of warm colors, giving people a natural, primitive feeling in a relaxed atmosphere.

5, mushroom culture stone

Mushroom stone has the shape of the ancient castle wall stone, dignified and bold, rugged appearance is the very three-dimensional sense, bring nostalgia to people. Mushroom stone is artificially crafted, color can be arbitrary allocation, grain can also be free to run, therefore, the overall effect has a unique style.

6, Yuhua culture stone

Natural Yuhua stone collected in the river bed, colorful, charming texture. Artificial rain stone by large stone mechanical crushing, grinding, and washing to blunt, bright color, water more colorful. Yuhua stone burning pearls, like a note piled out of a flowing architectural movement.

The use of cultural stone, not too much, so often counterproductive, small hall, in the decoration of the wall, can choose some small specifications, light color, the plane is good, so not only can widen the hall from the visual, but also create a natural atmosphere. Of course, in the use of cultural stone, should also be clever layout and collocation. All right, that’s all for this article, and if you need any help, please send me an email at

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