How To Control Stone Oil Pollution?

Stone oil pollution and our daily life is closely linked, edible oil, oil, lubricating oil, and other types of oil substances, may cause stone oil spot, oil spot pollution. In this article, we will introduce the treatment of stone oil pollution.

● Concept

Stone pollution caused by oil substances can be roughly divided into oil spots and oil spots.

1, oil stain,

Animal and vegetable oil, mineral oil, infiltration of the stone surface and inside, forming obvious traces of pollution.

2, oil stains

After the formation of oil spot pollution, due to the strong adsorption capacity of oil substances, can adsorb dust, soil, other pollutants in the environment, after physical and chemical action, the formation of pollutants.

● Oil spot pollution type

1, animal and plant oil pollution

Mainly is the daily diet activities, caused by stone oil. Such as the kitchen, restaurant, and pass the passage of food and other occasions, because there are often animal and vegetable oil, easy to form oil pollution.

2. Mineral oil pollution

Mainly refers to oil, diesel oil, kerosene, lubricating oil, asphalt, and other substances, caused by stone oil. Such as parking lot, warehouse, factory, and another environment.

3. Factors of protective agent

Solvent oil contamination of protectants is a common but overlooked cause. The stone protective agent is generally composed of “organic silicon + solvent”. The solvent is extracted and manufactured from coal, petroleum, and other substances. In the inferior protection, the purity of the solvent is not enough, and it contains oily components that cannot volatilize. After use, it will also cause stone oil spot pollution.

4, glue oil pollution

Marble glue, dry hanging glue, glass glue, sealant, and dust push oil and other glue substances, containing glue oil, powder ingredients, is an important factor in the formation of stone oil. In particular, it should be reminded that the probability of oil pollution of inferior rubber products is very high.

5. Oil pollution caused by daily cleaning

It mainly refers to the stone oil spot pollution caused by the improper use of electrostatic dust suction liquid, namely the dust pushing oil. At room temperature, after spraying dust and pushing oil, the dust should be pushed and dried for more than 24 hours before it can be used. If the dust pushes oil is not fully absorbed, put into use, not only can not clean the stone effect but will cause dust to push oil pollution.

The performance of oil spot pollution

Animal and vegetable oil, mineral oil, and other substances, infiltration of the stone surface and internal affect the visual effect of stone, and with the subsequent changes, various problems.

1, stone color change

The oil spot that animal and plant oil forms, often can appear pan-yellow, discoloration, and so on the phenomenon. The main reason lies in animal and vegetable oil, which contains a lot of fatty acid components, after infiltration of stone, its surface layer and the oxygen in the air chemical reaction, produce yellowing and another discoloration phenomenon. And kerosene, oil, and other mineral oil, some of their own have a deep color, penetration is also strong, will cause black stone and other color changes.

2, destroy the stone

Oil spot has a strong adsorption effect, will absorb dust in the air, ground soil and various pollutants, these substances, under the action of air, water, and other conditions, will produce unpredictable changes, generated harmful to stone material, the structure of the composition, long-term untreated, will cause the damage of stone.

● The cleaning method

Make clear the type of oil spot and cause of formation, it is not difficult to have targeted solutions. We can divide them into three categories:

1, the cleaning of animal and plant oil pollution

This kind of oil pollution, mainly in daily life, is caused by pollution. In general, this kind of pollution is located on the stone surface. When cleaning, use special oil agents, stone cleaning agents, soap, and other materials, the surface can be cleaned.

2. Heavy oil pollution

Oil, lubricating oil, and other mineral oil, strong permeability, and with more pigment components. This kind of oil pollution, generally more serious, can be called heavy oil pollution. Because of this characteristic, the cleaning process, not only has the process of oil but also must be through a certain method, the decomposed material adsorption, removed from the stone. Therefore, stone heavy oil pollution cleaning generally uses special for heavy oil pollution treatment and preparation of the removal of oil paste and other materials, paste.

3, glue oil pollution

Gum oil pollution, stone oil spot pollution, is difficult to deal with a category. The difficulty lies in:

(1) the difficulties

* Deeper pollution

The glue oil pollution caused by glass glue, marble glue, and dry hanging glue generally runs through the thickness of the whole plate, so the pollution is very deep. In addition to the absorption of oil components, infiltration, decomposition, removal, are relatively difficult.

* Not easy to cure

Such as dry hanging glue pollution, glue oil from the back of the stone through the plate, the formation of pollution. Want the back to still have glue oil to exist only, pollution has the possibility that continues, because this is not an easy radical cure.

* Difficult to operate

Stone glue oil pollution needs to clean the material for a long time of retention and penetration. But this kind of pollution will appear in the ground, elevation and other positions, some positions cleaning materials are difficult to retain and absorb, cleaning operation, more difficult.

② Methods and techniques

* Materials and processes

Oil pollution, generally use in addition to oil and glue materials, stone pigment removal materials, the use of paste method.

* more brush

Because the glue oil pollution is generally very deep, not because the surface is coated with a degreasing agent, achieved temporary effect, stop. At this time, the removal of only the surface of the oil, deeper oil, will continue to reverse seepage up. Therefore, the removal of glue oil must remain patient, more than brushing. In addition, when cleaning the glue oil, the temperature should be kept above 20 degrees Celsius; Therefore, when applying, remove the oil area, but also in the oil above 2~3cm also brush the oil removal material. This can absorb more, the effect is better.

Oil pollution is very harmful to stone. In the process of production, installation, and use, we must use regular rubber products. For some oil pollution, early discovery, and early solution, and we must cooperate with regular stone maintenance companies. Good about oil pollution control write here, inadequacies, you are welcome to send me email to correct criticism.

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