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Natural marble, whether it’s large-scale office buildings, landmark buildings, luxury five-star hotels, luxury villas, or even ordinary home decoration, stone has always occupied an important position in the industry. With the continuous influx of various new materials into the market, the imitation ability of rock plate, artificial stone, and ceramic tile is becoming more and more exquisite. As a result, when consumers buy building materials, they hear too many fallacies and rumors about stone, and they dare not use stone. So let me answer some common concerns:


● Does natural stone contain radioactive material to cause cancer?

Stone has witnessed the development of the history of human civilization. From the Paleolithic age to the Neolithic age, from the sculpture of the Colosseum in ancient Rome to the stone pillars in ancient Greece, if the stone is harmful to the human body, it is estimated that human beings would have been extinct long ago, and there would be no modern civilization. As for radiation, the white paper on the natural stone of China (2013) clarifies the statement that the radioactivity of natural stone exceeds the standard, and emphasizes that natural stone does not pose harm to human beings and can be used safely without detection.

● Is natural marble defective if it has cracks?

The beauty of natural marble lies in its nature and its unpredictable natural texture. Some cracks on the surface of the stone are due to its properties, not quality problems. Although there are generally small cracks in natural stone, with the increasingly mature processing technology, small cracks will not affect the quality and aesthetic feeling of stone.

● Stone follow-up maintenance problems are difficult to solve

People need to walk frequently on the ground. The impurities under the feet will rub against the stone surface. After a long time, the crystal layer on the surface will be destroyed, and the brightness will be affected. This kind of problem not only occurs in stone but also in other materials. We have to face up to a problem, that is, the maintenance time of the stone. Under normal circumstances, the stone will be very beautiful after 3-year maintenance. In addition, the normal thickness of the stone is 18mm or 20mm. The hardness and strength of the stone ensure that the stone has super wear resistance. Except for human damage, it is really difficult to have problems. Even if the accident has problems, such as scratches or surface pollution, regrinding, and polishing, the effect is still very good, just like the newly installed pavement. This is incomparable with other materials, including tiles.

● Stone can not solve the problem of color difference

If we compare the color difference between stone and tile, we can’t compare stone. Why do we say that? Because the tile can be produced in a standardized way, as long as all kinds of materials are well proportioned, the production will be the same. However, the beauty of stone lies in its uniqueness. As long as the boards are arranged and the colors are transferred well during production, the effect will be very natural and atmospheric, rather than rigid like tiles. So don’t believe what the shopping guide said that stone has color difference. What determines the beauty of the stone is your own eyes and heart.

Inexhaustible marble is not an industrial product. Its impurities, colors, and veins absorb the essence of nature’s sun and moon, and it is a gift from nature. Every marble is a treasure that is carefully built up by time. So please cherish this not easily won gift, you cherish it, it will give you endless returns. Well, that’s it for today. There will be more articles on this in the future, but if you have any good suggestions, please email me at

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