How To Clean Garden Waterscape Stone?

Waterscape stone, subject to long-term wind, rain, and sun, will produce a lot of pollution lesions, and in water-rich areas, pollutants are easier to penetrate. In addition, there are many pollution sources in the outdoor environment. Therefore, the pollution is serious and the pollutants are complex, which increases the difficulty of cleaning and maintenance.

For waterscape stone cleaning, it can be carried out once in three stages

Stage I: overall brushing

Clean the pollution, dust, cement slurry, and other pollutants on the stone surface as a whole;

1: Drain the water in the pool, and dry the stones on the pool wall and bottom;

2: Clean the bottom and wall of the pool, and the large pollutants, and try to keep the stone surface free of accumulation pollution;

3: Dilute the stone cleaning agent with water at about 1:2-1:3, and brush the polluted parts. The parts with serious pollution can be brushed with the stock solution;

4: Wash while brushing to prevent the cleaning liquid from evaporating on the stone surface;

5: Use a large amount of clean water to clean the pool, flush 1-2 sides as a whole, and clean the pollutants at the same time;

6: Drying pool stone

Phase II: focus on pollution removal

The pigments, mildew spots, and other pigments that have not been removed from the stone and the glue oil pollution shall be cleaned with color penetration remover

Step 7: soak the original solution of color penetrant remover in the heavily polluted part of stone for about one hour, brush and rinse;

Step 8: if the pollution is serious, it is necessary to use the application method, that is, apply paper towels on the polluted surface, add cleaning agent, soak thoroughly, and cover it with plastic film for 1-3 hours to ensure that the plastic film does not fall off.

Step 9: rinse with plenty of water;

Stage III: protective treatment

Dry the stone and apply protective agent;

Step 10: dilute the protective agent stock solution 1:15-20 with water, evenly brush it on the stone surface, soak it thoroughly until it can’t be absorbed;

Step 11: protect and maintain health. After brushing the protective agent, it is forbidden to touch water or step on it for 48 hours.

Matters needing attention:

1. Rubber gloves must be worn when using stone cleaner, color penetration remover, and other cleaning materials. Do not directly contact the skin to avoid skin irritation;

2. All cleaning and protection shall be tested locally in advance, master certain cleaning skills, and reasonably match the concentration of reagent mixed with water;

3. The protective agent shall not be excessively accumulated on the stone surface. After the protective agent is easy to dry up, it is easy to pollute the stone;

4. It should be cleaned when there is less sunlight and less wind to avoid too fast the volatilization of the cleaning solution.

There is a Waterscape in the courtyard and garden. The waterscape is a trickle in the mountain stream and forest. It is a symbol of tenacious vitality. It can pass through gravel and grass, hide in the jungle and mountain stream, and walk where no one can reach. The waterscape is quiet. It always flows quietly and slowly. Occasionally, it will splash small waves one after another, but it is still quiet and slow.

The waterscape is like a shiny and pleasant song, bouncing in the rubble, turning out white spray, and popping up moving tunes. The waterscape is like a jade bead splashing and a drop of water hitting a stone, just like gently pulling out a piano string; The waterscape was running. It patted the colorful stone eggs on the shore for a while and touched the grass that stretched out its head on the sand for a while.

Garden waterscape is a very important part of any project. As the most important material stone in garden waterscape, it will perfectly combine water and stone and reflect the beauty of nature incisively and vividly. Therefore, we must pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of garden waterscape stones. Well, this article will be written here first. You are welcome to put forward more good suggestions to share with me.

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