Why Do You Choose Marble As A Bay Window?


Speaking of bay windows, many house types will add this element to their design. The floating window, from the name, is not difficult to see, is floating out of the window. Generally speaking, the forms are: one is with steps, the other is completely landing and integrated with the ground. They not only increase the functions of lighting and ventilation but also add architectural charm to the facade of commercial housing.

With bay windows in the bedroom, you can not only enjoy sufficient indoor light but also enjoy the beautiful outdoor landscape. The bay windows in the master bedroom pay more attention to reflect the warmth and tranquility. Imagine, in a leisurely afternoon, enjoying the sunshine and the fragrance of tea, leaning against the bay window and looking at the poem and the distance. The style of life is so exquisite!

There are a lot of building materials to decorate bay windows, but most people choose marble when they decorate window sills. Why? In this article, let’s discuss the problem of marble bay windows.

The selection of window sill is related to the practicality, beauty, and safety of the bay window. There are many materials for windowsill decoration in the market, such as marble, granite, artificial stone, and wood windowsill board. Among many materials, marble should be the first choice for window sill plates. The marble color pattern is beautiful and generous, and it is very durable. It is easy to clean in daily household use.

● Selection of marble bay window

First of all, there are two problems with bay windows

① In the position of the window, the bay window must be exposed to the sun;

② In the case of not closing the window, this is an accident, which can be avoided with little attention.

Secondly, the bay window is a hard late inconvenience reload! Bay window is placed during the hard design, if the back is damaged, it is difficult to repair, can only endure the next decoration house.

Therefore, the material of bay window sill, durable is very important! No one wants to live in a few years after the bay window is broken, and then the elegant mood is so destroyed ah!

Marble is strong, durable, and has a long service life; moreover, the natural patterns give it a unique decorative effect; Don’t be afraid of the sun. It doesn’t matter if a little rain comes in occasionally; Good moisture resistance.

Most of the bay windows are used to do storage, storage of the majority, the cabinet design, plus marble top, high value and very practical.

● Marble bay window price

As mentioned above, many materials can be used as bay windows, such as marble, granite, artificial stone, and so on.

The price of a marble windowsill should be determined according to the actual needs of users, and its influencing factors include the type of marble, material, windowsill size, etc.

The purchase of a marble window sill plate is based on the length and width of about half a meter. Users can calculate the number of plates needed according to the specific area of their window sill. In addition, the price of a marble windowsill can be roughly inferred from the price of a marble windowsill with different varieties, styles, and different degrees of rarity.

● Installation and maintenance of marble bay window

Installation sequence of marble windowsill

First of all, of course, there is some preparatory work. Some marble quality is relatively loose, so when the marble is delivered, it is necessary to check whether the marble is damaged or cracked.

Next is the window sill cleaning. Clean up, do not have large granular stones, so as not to damage the marble when knocking.

The marble window sill has a brim of about 3cm, and the brim extends to both sides for about 10cm. For the safety of marble, the wall is grooved. When installing, the small cap is embedded in it, and then the cement mortar is used to fill and fix it.

Some popular light-colored marble, such as beige marble, in this case, must use white cement. The tension of white cement is a little bit mild, and it won’t damage the marble. It’s very nervous when installing. If you are careless, one piece of marble may become two pieces. This is also a test of the master’s skill and experience.

After installation, wait more than ten minutes to wipe the marble surface clean. During the first two days of installation, it is forbidden to place heavy objects on it to prevent hollowing.

Quality problems in construction

1. The marble window sill plate can not be inserted into the hat head groove under the window; Before construction, the installation conditions of the window sill should be checked. During construction, pre-installation should be insisted and fixed after meeting the requirements.

2. The bottom pad of the window sill plate is not solid, and the ash twisting is not strict; The level of wooden and metal window sill is inconsistent and uneven. In the construction, every process should be done carefully, leveling, padding, twisting, and fixing firmly. The support of the empty window sill should be installed flatly to make the support stress uniform.

3. The multi-splicing window sill plates are uneven and not straight; The length and width of the processed sill plate exceed the deviation and the thickness is inconsistent. Attention should be paid to the use of the same specification at the same position during construction.

● Maintenance of marble bay window

As the main component of marble is calcium carbonate, it is easy to react with acid and alkali, resulting in white salt bloom in many cracks, thus damaging the beauty. Encounter this kind of circumstance, it is because the periphery of marble and bottom layer did not make waterproof commonly cause. If it has been efflorescence, it can be treated with a stone cleaning agent according to the degree. After treatment, it should be fully dried to avoid efflorescence again.

We will find that the surface is very bright when it is just scrubbed, but it is a little black after it is completely dry. In this case, most people choose to wax the marble windowsill. In particular, it is not allowed to wax. The wax on the market will block the pores on the surface of marble, which is easy to combine with dust to form a wax scale. Moreover, the wax contains ammonia, which is harmful to the human body and the environment.

The smooth surface of the marble is due to its polishing treatment, so the scratches on marble are easy to be found, affecting the appearance. Therefore, in the process of daily use to avoid being scratched by hard objects. In addition, this kind of material is easy to penetrate, so you should try not to put the flowerpot on it, it is easy to appear obvious color block, and it is difficult to remove, affecting the beauty.

Through this short article, it is not difficult to find that the seemingly simple bay window has so much knowledge. Reasonable use of bay windows can make your home more warm and hierarchical, and also enrich the sense of space. Well, today’s article is written here. If you have a better share, please email me at sales@sntstone.com.

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