How To Choose Kitchen Countertop Decoration Materials?

Kitchen decoration is a vital part of home decoration, and a kitchen countertop is also a place that can not be ignored. Today, let’s talk about countertop material.

Wooden countertop

Those who like the fresh artistic kitchen style can choose wood. Wood materials give people the most primitive and warm natural feeling, and it is more gentle and comfortable to watch. As wood materials, whether solid wood materials or fireproof board materials, it is worth paying attention to that the scalded pots and tools must not be placed on wood materials, and the cleaning and maintenance must be diligent.

Advantages of the solid wood board: high appearance value. Disadvantages: easy to crack. Daily maintenance: solid wood needs painting or wood wax oil before use, which can better protect the wood surface and prolong its service life.

Compared with solid wood board, the fireproof board is based on density board, which has better fireproof performance and more affordable price.

Advantages of the fireproof board: anti-pollution, oil resistance, high-temperature resistance, and easy cleaning. Disadvantages: it is difficult to achieve seamless splicing, and it is easy to degumming and deform after a long time. Daily maintenance: keep the table dry to prevent ponding.

Stone countertop

It is divided into natural stone and artificial stone. The most common table material of natural stone is marble, and its noble and atmospheric appearance is popular with many people. The kitchen countertop is made of marble because it has good hardness and higher hardness.

Advantages of marble: wear resistance, high-temperature resistance, and not easy to deform. Disadvantages: there are gaps in the splicing, which is easy to absorb oil and color, and is not easy to clean.

Daily maintenance: the stone surface is very sensitive to acids, such as lemon, coke, etc. When cleaning, highly corrosive chemicals are not recommended. Try to use a wet cloth for cleaning.

There are many kinds of artificial stones, including composite acrylic, Corian, quartz stone, etc. the integral molding has no joints. It is an ideal choice for matching different kitchen styles. The recognized industry leader is DuPont Corian, which is generally used in high-end cabinets and furniture.

Advantages of artificial stone: wear resistance, acid resistance, high-temperature resistance, antifouling, and leakage resistance. Disadvantages: the appearance texture is not natural enough, the anti-scalding property is not strong, and the price is high. Daily maintenance: soapy water can remove most dirt and stains. After contact with strong chemicals, wash the surface with water quickly. Do not cut directly on the Corian table.

Ultra-thin rock plate

The manufacturing process of ultra-thin rock plate is complex, good-looking, and easy to use, but the price is too expensive. Although the thickness is only 3mm, it is super strong, not easy to scratch, easy to clean, and the antibacterial index is explosive. The key is that you can cut vegetables directly on them. You don’t even need a chopping board.

Advantages of ultra-thin rock plate: diamond hardness, unchanged in color, high-temperature resistance of 1500 degrees, no effect of an open fire for 3 hours. Disadvantages: the price is high. Daily maintenance: do not need too much maintenance, wipe it gently.

As the most important part of the kitchen, when we choose the materials we use, we must be familiar with the characteristics of various materials and whether the materials match the overall decoration style. We can’t blindly choose the expensive ones. Well, this article will be written here first. The follow-up documents will specifically analyze various problems of artificial stone countertops. I hope you can continue to pay attention. I hope you can continue to pay attention and send me an email at

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