What Is The Significance Of Building A Stone Exhibition Hall?

In recent years, stone people have been distressed by the difficulties of the stone industry, the competition of stone is getting bigger and bigger, and the profit is getting thinner and thinner. Even so, most stone people are still firmly rooted here. Every industry has difficult times. It must be the best way to find problems, solve problems and take root in a familiar industry. It is very dangerous to change careers rashly. So what kind of situation will the stone industry face after the industry reshuffle? How to continue to lead the fashion trend of decoration? In this article, let’s talk about this problem.

When the stone is the most beautiful, that is, when it is used, many customers prefer intuitive feelings. If you want the stone to sell well, you’d better build the stone exhibition hall. If you have the strength to open a large exhibition hall and a shop with a small investment. The overall purpose is to let customers have a better sense of experience and see what natural stone decoration looks like.

The stone exhibition hall is not only an open display platform, but also a product use and exchange platform, but also an art platform for users to experience product culture. Since the stone entered the fine market operation, stone enterprises have focused their new strategy on product application and meeting the deep-seated needs of users from a new perspective, and the stone exhibition hall is particularly important.

Consumers may not have a very intuitive feeling when they only see the board surface. The stone exhibition hall shows the stone to customers through stone decoration, so the exhibition hall is a good place to facilitate the transaction. The uncanny workmanship of nature has created various stone textures and textures. Different intensities are suitable for different spaces, highlighting the ultimate significance of stone in decoration. Of course, there are endless luxuries, such as cloisonne bed and bedside table, dreamy blue, like the vast universe and stars.

The ingenious design allows the space to show the texture of marble to the greatest extent. The perfect and exquisite white marble staircase space allows every employee and customer to experience and feel the stone. The application and design of marble are an important part of the stone exhibition hall. The natural grain of stone endows the space with a unique temperament and taste.

The stone exhibition hall mainly aims at the stone display and is equipped with a multimedia conference room, tea room, rest area, office area, and general manager’s office. Generally, a streamlined and smooth plane layout is adopted, so customers can naturally reach each space. Of course, there are some very high-end exhibition halls, which are completely stone mansion villas. Every detail is very exquisite and luxurious. The natural texture and elegant temperament of stone make the indoor space tension displayed to the greatest extent.

Building a stone exhibition hall is of great significance. At the same time, we should rationally recognize its disadvantages, as follows:

1. Once the exhibition hall is completed, the location will be fixed and will not move in a short time

2. Due to the fixed location, the radius of the service will also be limited

3. The exhibition hall and the processing plant will be in two different places, and the drainage function will be affected

4. Due to the limited area of the exhibition hall, the interior decoration style will be affected, which is bound to affect the perception of some potential customers

Of course, in the process of building stone exhibition hall, some people will break into misunderstandings, which are embodied as follows:

1. Blind comparison and excessive pursuit of height

Some people know that the exhibition hall must be high and big, and how luxury comes, but I think that the establishment of stone exhibition hall must investigate its rationality and necessity based on the target customer group and market positioning.

2. Too much reliance on the stone exhibition hall

Some people think that after the stone exhibition hall is built, the company’s performance will be good, so they ignore the company’s marketing strategy and corresponding channel construction

3. Only pay attention to the stone exhibition hall and ignore the management of supporting processing plants

Some people naively believe that customers will be very satisfied as long as the exhibition hall is clean and tidy and the shopping guide provides warm service. However, in the face of prospective customers who want to make an actual investigation of the processing plant, these people have no confidence, because the site of its processing plant is simply messy and extremely poor. In the face of such a situation, prospective customers will certainly not place an order with you.

Building a stone exhibition hall also has very good strategic significance, but as a stone enterprise, it is not enough to rely on only one stone exhibition hall. It also needs a perfect processing management system, delivery system, and after-sales system, so that the stone exhibition hall can maximize its role. Investment in the stone exhibition hall is also a large cost. As the boss, you must be careful, because investment is risky. Well, let’s write this article here.

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