Brief introduction of infrared bridge cutting machine for stone

An infrared bridge cutting machine, also known as an infrared bridge cutting machine, is mainly used for infrared Cutting of stone, CNC infrared cutting, infrared glass cutting, and infrared plastic cutting. It roughly cuts the polished rough plate, plastic, glass, and cement plate, and the standard specification plate required for rapid, accurate, and continuous cutting according to the requirements. In this article, we will briefly introduce the infrared bridge cutting machine for stone.

● Scope of use

1. Stone products (marble, granite)

3. Cement products

4. Asbestos products

5. Process products

6. Other building materials

● System composition structure

The electric control system is mainly composed of the control cabinet, operation box, workbench button collection, and external induction equipment.

1. Electric control cabinet: frequency converter, PLC, air switch, contactor, power board, etc;

2. Operation box: bridge cutting selection, beam movement, tool holder lifting, host start, automatic operation, etc;

3. Workbench button set: controls the manual lifting and rotation of the workbench;

4. External equipment: limit photoelectric, travel switch, magnetic grid, laser

● Startup and shutdown steps

1. Startup steps

① Open the electric control cabinet and check the incoming line of three-phase power supply;

② Turn on the main air switch of the power supply and power on;

③ Close the air switch of each branch circuit in sequence, and finally close the main air switch of the control circuit;

④ Reset the emergency stop button to supply power to the control circuit. At this time, the system starts to enter the standby state,

⑤ After the system PLC and the terminal are connected and operated normally, the subsequent manual / automatic operation can be entered.

2. Shutdown sequence

① When the machine is not operating, press the emergency stop switch to cut off the power supply of the control circuit;

② Disconnect the main air switch of the electric control cabinet and cut off the power supply.

Operating instructions

1、 Manual control

1. Crossbeam manual control button, fore-and-aft movement control (press and hold the button, release and stop)

2. Manual control button of the saw blade, lifting control, and left-right movement (when the solenoid valve of the lifting cylinder is connected, the saw blade starts to rise, and vice versa)

2、 Automatic control

Check that the electric control system is intact and power on. Set the cutting size parameters on the touch screen, press the host start button to start the host, and then press the automatic operation button after the host starts.

Code for use of stone machine

1. Check before startup

(1) Check whether the blade is installed and fastened in place and whether the blade is sharp and deformed;

(2) Whether the water and electricity are normal;

(3) Adjust the upper and lower} front and rear limits of the machine blade;

2. Startup operation steps

(1) Turn on the power knob;

(2) Flatten the worktable;

(3) Clean the sundries on the worktable;

(4) Place the stone to be cut parallel to the table;  

(5) Press the laser tool setting button, the laser beam is aimed at the line to be cut, and the front, rear, left and right are compared without error;

(6) Set the operating parameters of the machine;

(7) Press the automatic button to start the machine;

(8) Press the forward or backward cutting operation button;  

(9) Press the close button (enter button) after the single-chip cutting is completed;

(10) Shutdown;

(10-1) turn off the power switch after each batch of production;

(10-2) if the production is suspended for more than 5 minutes, the power switch must be turned off;

3. Precautions for adjustment

(1) Parameters of machine operation. Pay attention to whether the finished product size is correct for timely adjustment

(2) Aim the laser beam at the line to be cut, and align the front, rear, left, and right without error;

(3) Whether the stones are placed stably to ensure that the placing joint between the stone slab and the worktable is free of gravel and sundries;

The above content is a summary of the stone infrared bridge cutting machine. There will be articles on more stone infrared bridge cutting machines in the future. Well, this article will be written here first. Please cherish every gift of nature!

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