Beautiful “Black And White Matching” Stone

Black and white create a beautiful world. Black and white are relative contradictions. The darkness at night makes people have infinite fear; leucorrhea in the morning gives people infinite warmth and happiness. This is true of nature, and so is the world of stone.

The environment made of black and white is a beautiful world. We can create products with clear black and white and strong contrast through the combination of black and white. Black and white are interdependent and antagonistic to each other. White is like the light in the night, making black shine.

Parquet products are an important product in stone materials. Parquet products can be seen everywhere in high-end hotels and hotels. Through mosaic products, the decorative environment of high-end hotels and hotels is different. Parquet products pay attention to stone comparison. The stronger the comparison, the better the effect. Black and white stones are matched with each other and applied to parquet products. They are a perfect match and the best partner.

This article shows the mosaic made of some black stone and white stone. Let’s enjoy a visual feast of the intersection of black stone and white stone. Black and white is a kind of philosophy, which represents the texture of frankness and self-confidence. Now, this texture has been regarded as an eternal fashion.

Black and white bring retro scenes, which return to the glorious past but also contain beautiful memories. As long as we pay attention to the control of cold and warm, the black-and-white world is full of imagination because of its neutral characteristics, just like the answer beyond the formula in the process of searching.

● Application position of black and white stones

Many families will choose to put marble mosaic on the porch, corridor, living room, restaurant, toilet, and other places at home, which is simple and atmospheric.

Various combined forms of marble mosaic are arranged neatly as if the space is divided into countless blocks, and the level change and three-dimensional sense of space are very prominent.

one         Porch

two         corridor

three       a living room

four        restaurant

five         restroom

● Paving methods of black and white stones

0.1. Straight line paving

0 2. Black and white parallel splicing

0 3. Black and white diamond splicing

0.4. Radioactive arrangement

0.5. Triangular paving

0.6. Return paving

0 7. Irregular arrangement

Black stone creates cold beauty and looks dark, but when black and white are married, they play different chords and glow with a strange light. Stone black and white make up the world. It’s really beautiful. Contradictions coexist with each other, promote each other and develop harmoniously. The black and white stones also follow this principle. The combination of the two complement each other and set off each other to create different decorative effects.

The environment created by black and white, with a strong visual impact, attracts people’s attention. The staggered collocation of black and white, like beating notes and changing Rubik’s cube, interweaves a beautiful picture of black-and-white film and television.

It is human nature to make everything simple. Applying the minimalist method to our space can look so much better. When staying in such a space becomes a kind of enjoyment, space aesthetics and life aesthetics are completed step by step, so life should be treated with care. A good attitude towards life needs to be proved by practice. We need to constantly improve our cultivation and finally return to our hearts. The rational use of black and white can meet this expectation. Well, this article will be written here first. If you have any good suggestions, you are welcome to send me an email to share

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