Are there so many classifications for stone washbasins?

With the improvement of people’s income and living standards, the pursuit of a better living environment and more comfortable living conditions has become a trend and trend. Early hand basins were mostly made of ceramic, aluminum alloy, and stainless steel products. Although these products have been in use for many years and have entered countless households and various occasions, it is well known that their decorative properties are too poor, lacking pleasing artistic and aesthetic value. Therefore, in recent years, stone washbasins have been applied and have begun to enter high-end hotels, hotels, shopping malls, and even thousands of households, decorating and beautifying our living environment. Stone is taken from nature, and its natural color and texture are unparalleled and impossible to surpass by any decorative material.

The public is no longer satisfied with the functionality of the wash basin but rather pursues personalization and the decorative, artistic, and aesthetic functions of the wash basin. This has led to an increasing number of types of stone wash basins, reaching a dizzying point. Most people are not clear about how to classify and what types of wash basins there are. Therefore, it is important to distinguish and distinguish the types of washbasins. This article categorizes stone wash basins. Stone colleagues and friends can learn about the types of stone wash basins, which can provide a wealth of knowledge. Therefore, this article is worth collecting and reading frequently by stone enthusiasts.

The classification of stone washbasins is as follows:

1. Classification by material

It can be divided into granite wash basins, marble wash basins, sandstone wash basins, limestone wash basins, jade wash basins, and so on.

2. Classification by Plate and Waste Material

Hand washing table for sheet metal processing: A hand washing table made from sheet metal through bonding or other methods.

Hand washing table processed with raw materials: Hand washing table processed with raw materials.

3. Classification based on the processing technology of wash basins

Adhesive washbasin: A washbasin made of sheet metal processed by bonding.

Styled washbasin: A washbasin made from raw materials and processed through shaping methods.

Carving washbasin: A washbasin processed through carving.

Mosaic wash basin: A wash basin processed using mosaic technology.

Handmade hand basin: A hand-formed hand basin.

4. Classify according to the surface form of the wash basin

Smooth surface washbasin: A washbasin with a smooth surface.

Matte surface form washbasin: A washbasin with a matte surface form.

Coarse surface form: A washbasin with a rough surface form.

Natural surface form: A washbasin with a natural surface form.

Sculpted surface washbasin: A washbasin with a pattern engraved on the surface of the washbasin.

Pineapple surface: A hand basin with a pineapple surface.

Surface sink: A sink with a groove on the surface of the sink.

Wash basin with the natural surface: After the surface of the wash basin is grooved, it is knocked into a natural surface.

Mixed surface form washbasin: A washbasin composed of two or more surface forms on the surface of the washbasin.

5. Classification based on the way faucets are opened

Perforated washbasin: A washbasin with no water holes on it. Due to the lack of a faucet position on the basin, the faucet of the perforated washbasin is installed on the countertop or on the wall behind the washbasin.

Single-hole wash basin: The design of a single-hole wash basin only has one faucet hole, so only a single-handle faucet can be installed.

Three-hole washbasin: A washbasin with three water holes drilled into it.

6. Classify according to the shape of the washbasin

Rectangular cuboid washbasin: a washbasin shaped like a Rectangular cuboid.

Ellipsoidal washbasin: A washbasin shaped like an ellipsoid.

Pumpkin-shaped washbasin: A washbasin shaped like a pumpkin.

Ball-shaped washbasin: A washbasin shaped like a circular sphere.

Cylindrical washbasin: A washbasin with a cylindrical shape.

Cone-shaped washbasin: A washbasin shaped like a cone.

Lotus-shaped washbasin: A washbasin with a lotus-shaped appearance.

Hexagonal and octagonal hand basins: Hand basins with a shape similar to that of a hexagonal or octagonal shape.

Quincunx-shaped wash basin: the wash basin is shaped like a plum blossom.

Triple curved shaped wash basin

Horseshoe-shaped washbasin: A washbasin shaped like a horseshoe.

Bowl-shaped washbasin: A washbasin shaped like a bowl.

Hat-shaped (Ipomoea nil-shaped) wash basin: a basin shaped like a hat or Ipomoea nil.

Petal-shaped washbasin: A washbasin with a petal-shaped appearance.

Lace-shaped washbasin: A washbasin with a lace-shaped shape on the upper edge of the washbasin.

Curved washbasin: A washbasin with a curved shape.

Wash basin with washboard: A wash basin with washboard.

7. Classified by installation method

Wash basins can be divided into column basins (column type), table basins (table type), and hanging basins (wall type) according to their installation methods. There are two types of basin: upper basin and lower basin.

Column basin (column type): A washbasin with a basin on top and a column body on the bottom.

Table basin (desktop) washbasin – A basin-type washbasin on the table, which is placed on top of the washbasin.

Hanging basin (wall mounted): Installation method: Hanging washbasin.

Table basin (desktop) – a basin under the table. A basin-style wash basin is placed underneath.

8. Classification by purpose

Bathtub: A washbasin was installed in the restroom.

Kitchen basin: A wash basin was installed in the kitchen

Laundry basin: A washbasin used for washing clothes. Usually, this type of washbasin has a washboard inside.

9. Classification by overflow hole

Wash basin with overflow holes

Wash basin without overflow holes

10. Classification based on the combination of washing tables

Plate combination washbasin

Column-type wash basin

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