What Are The Applications Of Natural Stone In Villas?

As one of the main decoration materials, natural stone has gradually entered the families of ordinary consumers from the public construction projects of buildings and halls. Looking at some high-end buildings, you have begun to experience the luxury of stone since your first step into the sales office. The stone hardcover project has not only surprised the attention of many consumers, but also led the design style of many luxury houses; Some projects will carry out luxury to the end, and a large number of jade decorations will bring the madness of stone to the extreme. These are just examples in the field of home decoration. If you enter some new hotels or clubs, the application of some rare stones in the world highlights the status of stones as the first main material of high-grade decoration.

Traditional home decoration takes ceramic tiles, woodwork, and wallpaper as the main decoration materials. Now, in the field of high-grade home decoration, stone has become the first main material. In many villa projects, the cost of a single stone has accounted for more than 50% of the overall cost. So let’s talk about this in this article.

At present, many designers use stone as ceramic tile, which is limited. Where all ceramic tiles can be used, stone can be used; Where ceramic tiles cannot be used, stone can also be used. For example, special-shaped exterior wall carving, window sleeve line, door sleeve line, stair steps, handrails, background wall, decorative columns, passes, countertops, etc.

1. Exterior wall stone

The exterior wall is decorated in a broad posture, proudly overlooking the wind and cloud. A high profile without losing stability, atmosphere square and just, every line is full of strength and passion. Exquisite and elegant reliefs and lines make the art perfect. Highly concentrated artistry and aesthetic value make it a model and boutique in the construction industry.

2. Water jet mosaic & line

The water jet mosaic perfectly shows the softness of the stone and the smoothness of the curve. It is used in the ground decoration design with its unique texture, color, bright lines, and elegant and changeable modeling. Different colors represent different moods, show elegant taste, and show the owner’s extraordinary taste and artistic cultivation.

3. Stone background wall

The background wall is a popular project of stone in home decoration. It is concerned by stone people, designers, and owners. The popular styles are different every year. The traditional Roman column stone background wall shows the noble temperament of the owner and the magnificence of home decoration.

4. Dado

Marble dado pays attention to functionality and artistry, makes full use of the natural beauty of precious stones, artistic design, and exquisite technology, and sublimates the owner’s temperament and taste. The marble wall protection board has the advantages of mothproof, obvious decorative effect, convenient maintenance, and so on.

5. Roman column & fireplace

The commonly used roman columns, columns, and other geometric columns can show perfect charm and extraordinary temperament if they are placed in the right position.

6. Luxury interior

The first visual experience of luxury interior decoration is pride. The whole is based on European classics, and the marble background wall is paved to create the beauty of colorful space details. It is matched with a luxurious soft decoration style to meet customers’ pursuit of quality of life.

With his natural lines, marble is applied to the villa to create a natural, atmospheric, luxurious, noble, and elegant texture, so as to meet the villa’s pursuit of gorgeous, elegant, novel, and noble characteristics. At the same time, it has strong inclusiveness and plasticity, can be matched at will, and is competent for villas of various styles. Well, this article is written here. You are welcome to email me at sales@sntstone.com, share more about natural stone high-end villa projects.

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