Where Can Marble Be Used In Home Decoration?

More and more marble is used for home decoration. Marble can be used on the ground, wall, and countertop. The specific use of natural marble in these five places can improve the grade of the home! Next, in this article, let’s take a look at the beauty and texture added by marble for home decoration!

One of home decoration: marble background wall

Marble background wall, whether European style or modern simplicity, has blown into the majority of families like a popular whirlwind in recent years. A living room has a marble background wall, which will improve the grade of the house. It is noble and elegant, just like a natural exquisite handicraft.

At the same time, it has also become a visual highlight in the whole living room. Compared with noisy cities, simple and natural stones give people a kind of psychological peace and tranquility. Choosing them as the background wall can make people feel happy and create a simple home style. It is also a good choice.

Home decoration II: Marble stair steps

When people decorate, they pay more attention to every corner of the home. Of course, stairs are no exception. Many people choose to use marble when decorating the stair floor. Marble, as a common material for stair steps, not only has a variety of designs and colors but also is easy to operate in subsequent processing processes such as edging, opening anti chute, and inlaying copper strips. Moreover, after protection, its gloss and color are a very high-end atmosphere.

In addition, marble also has the characteristics of physical stability, no deformation, high hardness, strong wear resistance, meticulous organization, falling off of impacted grains, no rough edges on the surface, no impact on its plane accuracy, no deformation for a long time, small linear expansion coefficient and high mechanical accuracy. It is the preferred material for stair treads.

Home decoration 3: Marble kitchen and bathroom decoration

In-home decoration, the kitchen, and the bathroom are some of the most widely used spaces of marble, and the decoration of the kitchen and bathroom is the top priority for home decoration. A good kitchen and bathroom can be said to be the finishing touch of the home. Can give home different feelings and give a different meaning.

Contemporary people pay more and more attention to the pursuit of taste in life and have a stronger sense of ceremony in living space. Then the decorative space of the kitchen and bathroom can also reflect the sense of ceremony in the owner’s life. The luxury of not sticking to things shows the purely natural texture of stone, and the beauty of marble is always not enough, to obtain natural introversion and precipitation, and finally return to peace.

Home decoration 4: marble floor decoration

In the whole decoration process, the proportion of ground materials is very large. Because of its high frequency of use and strong decorative effect, it has attracted people’s attention. The rich and changeable board texture and warm and high-end decorative effect of natural marble are more and more loved by consumers. The natural marble formerly decorated in hotels and other high-end places is now often seen in the decoration of villas.

Home decoration 5: Marble porch corridor

Porch, aisle, and corridor, which shuttle through the whole space, different house types have different sizes, and designers and decoration masters will not be unfamiliar with them. Because several parts are the most troublesome, the most difficult to design and decorate, the space is insufficient, the length and width are different, it is difficult to close, and the beauty will deviate.

Marble-decorated porch, aisle, and corridor can not only improve the grade but also show a stronger sense of security. As the link of the whole space, these three parts are essential for design style and decoration. This is also one of the standards that can reflect the “Taobao” of a house.

Home decoration 6: Marble threshold stone and windowsill stone

In the whole home decoration, many people think that the threshold stone and windowsill stone are unimportant due to their small specifications, so they will ignore these two parts. This idea is wrong. After using marble in these two parts, the overall effect will be more natural, and the transition between spaces will be very smooth. Threshold stone and sill stone are also very suitable for marble.

Marble is now widely used in home decoration. The natural texture, natural color, and stable material make the home decoration instantly improve the grade, and can also play a very important role in improving the owner’s grade. Therefore, it is certainly right to choose marble for home decoration. Well, this article will be written here first. If you have more good applications on marble, please remember to email me at sales@sntstone.com.

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